active learning

In our private institute Active Learning is seen as an appropriate way for students to develop skills and knowledge and a positive attitude to learning.

Active learning is a learning method which engages and challenges learners’ thinking using real-life and imaginary situations. Students and their individual needs are the centre of the learning process. Students have opportunities to clarify, question, apply and consolidate new knowledge.

Teachers are only guides to help learners process and apply information to become:

  • successful learners through imagination and creativity, tackling new experiences and learning from them, and developing important skills
  • confident individuals through succeeding in their activities and having the satisfaction of a task accomplished
  • effective contributors through interacting together, tackling problems, extending communication skills, taking part in sustained talking and thinking, and respecting the opinions of others.

Students are actively engaged in the classroom by:

  • group and individual activities
  • planned, purposeful role-play
  • investigating and exploring information
  • focused learning and teaching.