IELTS is the world’s most popular exam which is required by universities and employers thaτ open doors to academic and professional opportunities.

Our IELTS preparation course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve the best possible result and fulfil your study and work ambitions.

On our IELTS courses you will:

  • familiarise yourself with the four papers that make up the IELTS test
  • develop the study and language skills required to earn a top score
  • have the opportunity to practise while learning necessary grammar and vocabulary
  • improve your writing skills for the task needed – describing graphs and tables, writing a letter and evaluating statements and opinions
  • practise your listening and speaking skills and gain exam techniques through a variety of listening texts
  • develop self-study techniques through class and homework tasks.

One to one sessions

This is ideal for a busy person with specific needs who wants to study individually.

The lesson structure is flexible and is designed for adults who wish to focus on their specific needs.

A one to one session is for students who are short in their time and have very particular needs in learning a language and wish to concentrate more on the their own priorities.

Learn English whenever you want and when you want without ever having to leave your house!
All our courses are offered online. Our learning platform provides online interactive whiteboard, real-time audio, image and document upload and instant feedback. Enjoy active learning online!!!

English Language Courses in Limassol

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