Greek for School

Literary courses for Secondary school

For most students the transition from Elementary to Secondary school is an major change in their life. In essence everything they have learnt in elementary school changes: more teachers, more lessons, different assessment methods, homework, projects and activities therefore more responsibilities. At this point, the lesson of Modern Greek is not exception since for most children it looks like Hydra: Grammar, Literature, Poetry, ancient Greek, archaiognosia. Active learning stands beside you to help your child go through this change as smooth as possible. Students are given psychological support, provided with all the necessary knowledge and appropriate educational material. In addition,  the guidance offered for their daily assignments is preparing them for their final year exams. Your child will feel confident in the classroom, achieving his goals throughout the academic year.

History and Ancient Greek for Lyceum

In the 1st grade Lyceum students begin to prepare themselves for the goal of the Pancyprian Exams. It is crucial ,before going to the 3rd grade Lyceum, for students to acquire all the necessary knowledge which will be the foundation for the Pancyprian Exams. Our qualified and experienced staff can provide all the essential for your child to become a successful senior student.

Pancyprian Exams: Modern Greek and History

For most students the Pancyprian Exams are the stepping stone for a productive university pathway and a successful promising career path. Give your child the opportunity to gain an adequate preparation course for their decisive exams of their life. Our proven effective teaching methods and syllabus in conjunction with our experienced staff and the successes of our students guarantee the success of your students.