our philosophy

Active learning’s main aim is to broaden our students’ horizons through an exciting learning journey. Students have the opportunity to explore, develop their skills, based on their individual needs, enabling them to become active and autonomous learners. Our main principle is to provide positive encouragement and reinforcement must always be offered to keep students focused and motivated. Learning is achieved in an enjoyable environment.

Why Choose Active Learning:

The online learning educational tools enable our students to practise additional educational material at home through their e-book, interactive games and activities, keeping our students motivated

For our organised curriculum ensures the acquisition of the English language starting from the early years level to the highest level.

For our teaching approach, which through multiple techniques, activities and practices, learners of all capabilities reach their maximum potential.

For implementing Phonics, a system that enables young students to easily learn how to read and write. Phonics Method has proven to be useful in teaching reading skills to students from preschool through early elementary school or as a practical way to introduce English to foreign speaking.

For our warm and professional atmosphere meeting the individual needs of our students. Our  teaching methods engage students’ participation and enforce a student-centred environment.

For the kind of counselling we offer to our students for pursuing their future success in acquiring a degree in British and American universities.